They Won't be Able to Resist Clicking 'BUY'... When the Price is Going Up
(In Front of their Eyes - LIVE)

Motivate Your Visitors to BUY NOW with Convertify Live Sales

Demo.  Hard not to click hey!

Live dimesales and notifications on your sales page.

  • Easy setup WordPress Plugin. 
  • Integrated payments with PayPal or Stripe. 
  • Revenue & strategy calculators.

"Convertify promotes trust in your sale. Potential buyers now know for sure they will have to pay more if they don't buy now"

This is for you if...

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    You sell digital or physical products online using WordPress.  Convertify is a WordPress plugin.
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    You would like to get more people buying from your site.
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    You recognize that just pushing more traffic is not the only answer to increasing revenue for your site.
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    You're an online marketer and want to increase the conversion rate of a landing page.

Check out the features. Harness the power of missing-out for maximum conversions

Live Updating Sale Display

Every time a purchase is made from your dimesale, the buy button updates.
Your potential customers are seeing first-hand the price rising and numbers depleting.


Simple Shortcode

A simple shortcode is created
for each dimesale.  Copy and paste to where your buy button would normally go.

Live Sales Notifications

Every visitor to your sales page will see a sale notification.  More reason for them to buy now.  Customizable display.  Show buyer country and city.

Revenue Calculator

Pop-up revenue calculator allows you to configure a dimesale for a target revenue amount.  Determine best start price, increments, max price, price jumps.

Strategy Suggestions

Use the strategy calculator to give different setups for different outcomes.
No more just plugging in any old price jumps.  Create a dimesale that performs.

Payment Integration

Integrates with PayPal and Stripe payments.  Easy setup.  Payment amounts secured from tampering.

Simple Edit & Preview

While you are creating a dimesale, a preview simulation displays what your customers can see.  Quick and easy setup.

Button Selection & Custom

Select from button images or set to your own custom button image.
Customize further with CSS if you like.

Support & Tutorials

Convertify is dead-simple to use.  Tutorial videos available to get you started right away.  

Get instant access to Convertify now!

This is the most powerful solution for running dimesales on WordPress.  
Live updating of real conversions promotes trust that the sale is real, as well as highly motivating to Buy Now!

Simple to Create Dimesales

Watch a preview of your dime sale while editing.
Minimal setup involved.  Pick a button image or supply your own.  
The preview simulates live updating with the dimesale settings in action.

Select a Conversion 'Thank you' page. 
Convertify tracks dimesale conversions that occur on any page or post you specify for each dimesale.
You can have multiple independent dimesales with different conversion pages if you wish.

Save your dimesale and  place shortcode.
A shortcode is generated for you to copy and paste to your sales page.
Create as many dimesales as you like and even use them on the same page if you want.


Calculate Sale Strategies & Revenue

Calculate Dimesale Revenue
Pop-up dimesale revenue calculator is always available to see the results of different start price, max price, price increment, price jumps and number of sales you think may be possible.

Get Different Strategy Suggestions
The strategy calculator generates sample dimesale setups to consider.
Most dimesales you just  put in a fair thing.
Dimesale LIVE gives you control over earning as much as possible.

Customize & Compare Dimesales
Create different dimesale setups and optimize to your best dimesale yet.
Compare their results side-by-side by sales amount and number sold.


Customize Live Sale Notifications

Give Potential Customers Social Proof That They Will Miss Out By Not Buying Now
Every time a purchase is made, everyone that is viewing your sales page will know.  
Social proof is a very powerful motivator.  

Customizable. Easy Setup.  Update Any Time
Convertify gives you total control over sales notifications shown to users.
Even show which city and country the sale occurred.  More social proof.


Dimesales are so much more real with Convertify

"Most product launches use dimesales because they work. When a potential customer actually sees the price increasing with Convertify, they know it's for real.  They will miss out if they don't buy soon. No more waiting around on a static page."

John Ayling, Programmer & Marketer

Add Testimonials for Social Proof

"Testimonials are a great way to add some social proof to your sales page and they usually increase conversions (although it's still something you should test)."

Jane Doe, Company

Convertify dimesale (demo)


After purchasing Convertify

  • You will be sent a license and registration email.
  • Login to the Members Area.
  • Download the plugin, upload into your WordPress site.
  • Watch video tutorials as required.
  • Create a live dimesale to max your conversion rate.

Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

You have a full 30 days to try out Convertify and see if it does all that we promised it does. If it doesn’t just let us know in what way its failed to fulfill any of those promises and we’ll refund your purchase price – guaranteed!

Add Testimonials for Social Proof

"Testimonials are a great way to add some social proof to your sales page and they usually increase conversions (although it's still something you should test)."

John Doe, ACME Inc.

Add Testimonials for Social Proof

"Testimonials are a great way to add some social proof to your sales page and they usually increase conversions (although it's still something you should test)."

Jane Doe, Company


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Who is Convertify for? Do I need it?

Do I need WordPress to use Convertify?

Can I buy more licenses at a later date?

Is Convertify user friendly?

Does Convertify track conversions?

If you have any other questions, please use our support desk and we'll be happy to help you out


Once-only payment. Able to be installed on 1 personal site.  Includes all features

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For a once-only payment you can install on as many of your sites as you want.  Includes all features.

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